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Baby Powder Apple

Baby Powder Apple

Price: $ 12.99
Item: PowderApple
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Baby Powder -

REFILL SATCHELS ONLY -  Currently not available in Jars -

Description: Our Baby Powder is soft, gentle and Talc Free which leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher. This beautiful Baby Powder helps absorb moisture keeping the  skin supple while protecting against chafing and is ideal to use as a body powder and in the bath.

Scents: Apple, Citrus and Lavender

Size: 100g

Benefits: Talc Free Powder

Directions of use: Sprinkle appropriate amount onto hands and then apply onto nappy area - under arms - hair, etc.

Additional Uses: Dry Shampoo - Bath - Underarms - Body - Shoes

BabyScent Baby Powder is talc free, ideal after every nappy change, to absorb moisture, protecting baby skin from chafing. Baby Powder is an alternative powder for the entire family.